How Do I Create a Quality Graduate Research Paper Abstract

Research paper abstracts are used across a number of different academic disciplines and are an important tool for researchers to quickly determine whether a particular research paper will be useful or relevant towards their own study. Abstracts are short summaries of about 250 to 350 words that provide a concise overview of a research paper’s major points and findings. The following shows you to create a quality graduate research paper abstract in any discipline:

  • The Major Components: The first step in writing a quality graduate research paper abstract is knowing the four major components: 1) it must state the motivation and problem of the particular study; 2) it must detail the research methods or approach for conducting the study; 3) it must present the results of the study without any interjection of opinion; and 4) it must provide the conclusion and larger implications of the study as a whole.
  • Qualities of a Great Abstract: There are a number of qualities that make a great research paper abstract, but there are a few things that you find across all of the best written samples that you should be aware of throughout the writing process. For instance, if you have more than one paragraph, they should be unified and coherent. The abstract should also follow the same structure of the research paper. And finally, you should always make logical connections between the information that is provided. Each sentence should follow the prior one without an awkward transition.
  • Writing Your Own Abstract: You should write your abstract after having completely written the rest of your graduate research paper. This will let you quickly identify the major components that need to be included, as well as the main ideas that you need to emphasize. The best method for doing this is highlighting every topic statement and to rewrite them in more condensed forms. You will be limited in your word count, so be sure to write concisely.
  • Things You Should Not Do: Start your abstract with a strong statement describing the exact purpose of the study, but don’t use passive terminology that states the obvious, such as “this report” or “this research paper”; it is always better to get right into describing the research than it is talking about the document itself. Don’t use phrases that imply any sort of doubt on your part. Your study is expected to have been conducted to completion, so don’t use terms like “it is believed” or “it is suggested that.”