Six Simple Tips To Help You Create A Research Paper Outline For College

As a college student, you’ll have to often write research papers. To compose your paper properly, it’s advisable to create an outline for it. A term paper outline is a little scheme that shows what chapters your text will consist of and what will be included in these chapters. With a proper outline, the process of writing your paper will be quick and smooth.

Tips on How to Outline a College Research Paper

  1. Outline an introduction.
  2. In the beginning of your paper, you should explain the background of your study, indicate your main question, and demonstrate the scope of your work.

  3. Outline a literature survey.
  4. Here, you should analyze previous studies conducted in the area of your interest and illustrate how your project will fill the gap in the knowledge.

  5. Outline a description of methods.
  6. In this chapter of your paper, you should explain what methodology you’ve selected for your study and thoroughly describe each task that you engaged in during your work.

  7. Outline a presentation of results.
  8. This should be a chapter that presents your actual findings. It shouldn’t contain any interpretations of your outcomes.

  9. Outline a discussion of results.
  10. Here, you should explain the meaning of your findings and answer the question raised in the introduction.

  11. Outline a conclusion.
  12. The final chapter should summarize the main points mentioned in the paper and list the ways for your readers to continue your study.

Sources to Approach for Assistance with Outlining Your Research Paper

  • Your instructor.
  • After you’ve crafted your initial outline, you may bring it to your instructor for examination. They’ll point out your mistakes and explain how to improve your outline.

  • A tutor.
  • You may hire a tutor who specializes in term paper writing. For the money, they’ll help you with creating an outline and other important steps of your task.

  • A term paper writer.
  • If you don’t have enough time to outline and compose your project, you may hire a freelance writer with the needed specialization to complete your assignment.

Keep in mind that you should outline not only main chapters but also subchapters that they consist of. The nature of these subchapters will depend on the field that your term paper is written in and a topic that you’ve chosen to investigate. Each subchapter should be structured like a little essay with its own introduction, body, and conclusion. The more detailed your outline is, the better structure your final paper will have.