Top 10 Tips for Completing a Great Research Paper for High School

You will write many research papers during your high school years. You may write one in each academic class you take and then in some of your non-academic classes. It is best if you know how to research and compose one quickly and correctly. Use our 10 tips to help you as you complete these pieces.


Pick a good topic

If you love a topic or you are very interested in a subject, then your grade will be better. It will be better because you always excel at the things that interest you. Sometimes, the teacher will not let you pick the subject, but if you can do so, pick what interests you the most.


Know the style

There are many different styles of papers such as Chicago and MLA. You have to know which style to use in the piece because they have different rules from each other. If the teacher does not tell you the format, make sure to ask him or her which to use.


Know Details

Know how to make an intext citation and how to make a bibliography page- You must know how to write a proper intext citation, where to place it, and then how to put it into the bibliography page. There are tools that will format the bibliography page for you; however, you still have to use the correct information.

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MLA style



6 steps to perfect paper

Thesis statement

Have a strong thesis statement. Once you have the topic; you need to compose the thesis statement. This is one or two sentences that states what you are trying to prove in the essay. A strong thesis statement is very necessary for a strong paper.

Have an accurate outline

After you have the subject and the thesis statement; the next step is composing the outline. If you will be submitting it to your teacher, ask if her or she wants it to be topic or sentence style. The more detailed and precise the outline is, then the better the paper will end up.

Ask For Help

Get help at the first sign you need it. If you find you are struggling, you may want to seek professional help immediately. This is not the type of piece that you can lag behind in or do without knowing what you are doing.

Use a sample or model

There are thousands of templates and paper models to be found online. You can refer to these as you compose your own piece. They are priceless for giving you help. Make sure you use the ones that come from a reputable source who know what he or she is doing.

Editing Rule

Proof, proof, and then edit. Once you have finished the first draft, you must begin to proof. You will want to proof many times. Then you can go ahead and make the necessary edits after you proof. If you are not good at this, then hire a professional to help you.


Have a rough and a final draft. You will end up with one or several rough drafts and then a final paper. Your first draft is never ready to be submitted to your teacher as your final paper.