A Great Variety Of Unplagiarized Research Paper Topics On Julius Caesar

History can be a little tricky when it comes to writing about the personality of the people who were quite famous and their life was the example for the others. The same goes for the Julius Caesar who was no less than the winning personality, and now you have to write down a well-researched essay on his life. The first thing student should take care about is plagiarism. Find the topics which are less in plagiarism and which are unique enough to write something new. We are providing some unplagiarized topics for the students who want to make some difference through their writing. Let’s have a look at the topics:

  1. Why the family of the Julian Caesar was known as the influential family in the Roman Society? Elaborate the family background of the Julian Caesar.
  2. Proof incidents about that he was a homosexual. How people came to know this?
  3. The reality of the affair between Cleopatra and Julian Caesar. Why he always choose the most influential women of all the time.
  4. Why he got involved in the civil war and what was the main reason behind his anger which provoked him for this war?
  5. What were the best qualities of Julian and why the Roman public respect and honor him?
  6. Caesar was an aging heiress leader. What were the impacts of Caesar on the leadership of Queen Elizabeth? Describe positive as well as negative.
  7. What were the motivations of the Caesar and why he always keeps himself ready for the next battle?
  8. How was the end of the Caesar? Why his name is still popular among the people when it’s been ages that he is not alive?
  9. What was his way to interact with the political issues and what were his abilities to solve them by showing his superiority?
  10. Discuss the friendships of the Caesar and who were his real friends as compared to the people who tried to be, but they were fake?
  11. What kind of theatrical plays is still in demand based on the life of Julian Caesar?

These topics are unplagiarized, and students can pick out any topic on the given ideas, and they can write a winning essay on his personality. History is interesting and boring at the same time, and a student can make it interesting by bringing out the unique incidents of their lives which make their writing unique.