Writing A Research Paper On Japanese Internment Camps

Your history teacher may ask you to compose a research paper about the internment of Japanese Americans during World War II. This is an important task that should be taken seriously. You should conduct a thorough study on the topic before you start writing anything. When it comes to writing, you should know what chapters to create and what to include in them.

What to Write in Your Research Paper about Japanese Internment Camps

  1. Write an introduction.
  2. Here, you should provide general information about the internment of Japanese Americans and address the narrow question that you want to answer in your paper.

  3. Write a literature survey.
  4. This is a chapter where you review historical sources and previous studies related to internment camps that you’ve examined during your own work.

  5. Write a methodology description.
  6. In this section, you should write about the strategy that you’ve chosen to conduct your research and present a detailed description of all activities that you’ve performed.

  7. Write the presentation of results.
  8. Now, you should present information that you’ve found and interpret it. Based on this data, answer the main question stated in the introduction.

  9. Write the conclusion.
  10. Here, you should wrap up the main points of your paper and offer several ways for the readers to continue your research.

  11. Write the bibliography.
  12. This is a section where you should just present the full list of sources consulted in your study and cited in your text.

  13. Write the appendices.
  14. This additional section should contain extra materials, like pictures and graphs that would be inconvenient to put in the middle of the paper.

Sources to Ask for Composing Your Research Paper

If you cannot compose your paper alone for some reason, you may approach the following sources for help:

  • Talented students;
  • Freelance writers;
  • Academic writing agencies.

The first option is the cheapest one but you won’t get any guarantees using it. The second and the third options are almost equal but hiring a research paper writing service is usually more reliable.

In brief, to compose a good paper on Japanese internment camps, you should plan its structure in advance. Divide the text into several major chapters and organize them in a logical order. First, the reader should learn about your general study area and the scope of your work. Then they should learn about your research methods. Lastly, they should read about the outcomes of your study.