What Are Good Research Paper Topics: Tips And Examples

If you choose a good topic for your research, you can consider yourself halfway there. Writing will come easy, researching will be fun and you won't remember how you finish the paper in no time. But how to know if the topic you've chosen is really good before you start spending time on it? There are a few factors that will help you find this out.

  • Does the topic has a lot of resources?
  • You need to check if you can find enough information on your topic before you find yourself in front of a partially completed paper and no more info to use. You don't need to make a deep research just yet, take a look over the sources you have at hand and think if it's enough for a whole research paper.

  • Is this topic interesting for you?
  • If you are passionate to find out more on your topic, research and writing will be extremely easy for you. If you don't like the topic or have no interest it in, you will have to make yourself read an article or write a few words. Make each paper a fun experience for yourself!

  • Is the topic interesting for your audience?
  • You need to always take your readers into consideration, even if this is just your professor. Especially, if this is just your professor. If you have visited a few of their classess, you can probably tell what their favorite aspect is. Choose something close and write a good paper – you've got yourself a bonus to your grade!

  • Is this research relevant and new?
  • The main point of writing a research paper and conduct a research. If you are just repeating that has been done long time ago, there is no point in wasting the time. Check if there are no papers on your topic or on similar topics yet – you don't want your hard work to go to waste because of this!

Here are a few topics for a research paper you can refer to. Don't restrain yourself within these topics only though, be creative and find your unique topic to write the best paper of your academic career!

  1. The role of submarines in World War II
  2. How do spam-detecting techniques in emails work?
  3. What was the impact of the plague on Europe's population?
  4. Is the artifical tan safe for health?
  5. What was the reason for the fall of Roman Empire?