The 19 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics In Biology

As an academic subject, biology may be the closest to our hearts since it usually deals with many aspects of life that can affect us directly. This makes it a very popular field of study at all levels and is a core part of a profession that the world holds highly, becoming a doctor. As a subject, biology can be quite challenging, often dealing with complicated and hard to understand aspects of organic lifeforms.

Research papers play a crucial role in the world of academics, often leading the march towards acquiring new knowledge and understanding of the natural world. Topics are chosen in many ways, with natural inspiration ranking high on that list. In many cases, purposefully chosen topics are pursued in hopes of solving a critical or challenging present day problem.

A good research topic must possess two main attributes, firstly, they must be practical, allowing for the possibility that progress and understanding can take place. Secondly, the author must be motivated to pursue the course of study, which makes it much easier for inspiration to manifest in difficult situations. Consider these Biology research paper topic suggestions to help you choose a good topic:

  1. What are the advantages of insect pollination to plant species solely reliant on it as a means of reproduction?
  2. A study of the purpose and importance of the elbow to a bipedal organism compared to those without a well defined arm joint.
  3. What are the most significant lifestyle changes that can be made in order to promote healthy, long lifetimes?
  4. To what extent does the living conditions present in large cities affect the well being of humans living there?
  5. To what extent do large scale changes in bird and insect migration have on the increase in animal extinction?
  6. How do white blood cells deal with infections present in external injuries on the body?
  7. Define the different brains functions involved in survival and reproduction.
  8. Does the presence of hair on the human body still serve a purpose or will we one day lose it completely through evolution?
  9. What are the characteristics of the human finger and toe nail that set it apart from the rest of the animal kingdom?
  10. How will we treat viral infections when antibiotics no longer work?
  11. How safe is genetic engineering based on what we presently know?
  12. Is there any possibility that strains of a virus, created to be used as a vaccine, could mutate into an epidemic?