A List Of Excellent Research Paper Topics About Science

Are you having trouble with picking your research paper topic about science? You don’t have to anymore, because we have some really good topics for you. You will be able to do research on them and to find information you need to write about it. Make sure to read this article and pick the perfect topic for your paper. Here are some of the best options for you!

  1. The paleo diet: Did prehistoric people live like this?
  2. Talk about this diet where you mostly eat meat. Is it a good diet and did prehistoric people live like that? Why?

  3. Do you think that autism is a brain damage?
  4. Do your research on autism and try to explain what it actually is. Is it a brain damage or not?

  5. Should we really visit the doctor every month or two?
  6. Is this a good way to stay healthy and why. Why is it so important for the health?

  7. Doing research on rare disorders. Understanding cancer.
  8. Is this a good way to understand the cause of cancer. Should research on rare disorders be done and why does it help or not?

  9. Space exploration: Is it even necessary?
  10. What is the purpose of space exploration? Is it important for the world or not?

  11. Dark energy: What is it?
  12. Is there something behind it? Do your research and find out about it.

  13. Do we need that much sleep?
  14. People often don’t get enough sleep. But how important is it actually? Could we live without it?

  15. Interaction with wild animals
  16. Should people interact with wild animals. Do they have any benefits from it and can they change with time if people train them well.

  17. The purpose of science museums
  18. Do these museums teach us anything? What is the purpose of it? Try to think about that and make sure to gather some useful information to support your arguments.

  19. Development of human speech
  20. How did it develop? Why was there a need for it and what did happen over time? Try to find examples and make sure to use reliable sources.

Use the topics and write a really good paper. We recommend you to use an outline so you can organize your information and thoughts. Keep it simple but use professional and reliable sources for the research.